you can use these for your blog, there are 50+ below the cut ^_^ ENJOY

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秋 / aki theme by spaghettl (redux edit)

live preview 1 / live preview 2 / code

ahhhhh i’m finally done!


  • 3 different post sizes (250px, 400px, 500px)
  • you can change loads of colors
  • option to make things rounded (and how rounded they are)
  • sidebar pic
  • cool hover effect on sidebar
  • navigation menu will move with sidebar
  • you can move the sidebar up n down
  • borders/no borders
  • '3d look' on posts
  • change opacity on a lot of things
  • many small details
  • and lots more

➜ before you use this theme…

  • don’t remove the credit
  • do not copy my theme in any away or redistribute it without my name on it
  • you can move the ‘theme credit’ from the sidebar, but at least put it somewhere!
  • questions regarding the theme

ok that’s it i think! this theme is super customizable and it took me some time to make it so enjoy!

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flower-picking mascots for jinnyjin!


flower-picking mascots for jinnyjin!

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IV theme by reayanami

hello once again my friends. this theme is kind of a slight combination of my 2.0 and 3.0 reissue themes. i changed the way the links look + the navigation.

previews: one and two


  • 15 color options
  • dropdown navigation menu
  • uploads for background, favicon, and render images
  • maximized bg or not
  • 6 text options aside from links: custom margins for sidebar and render, custom title for the render, and image opacity (from .1 to 1)
  • up to 4 links
  • option to show captions and tags

some things to consider with this theme

  • try and keep ur description kind of short
  • also try and keep the titles of your links short, since the navigation menu’s width is small

if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me !

thank u

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LED redux edit by reayanami

i present to u my newest and probably final redux edit. this is the last one for a long time because i need to learn a lot before i do another one!! 

[ code ]

previews: [ 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 ]

okay so as far as features go, i think there are a lot more than any of my other edits!!

normal stuff:

  • 20 color options, for basically everything
  • the usual: favicon, tags, captions
  • maximized bg or not
  • 4 links
  • render image

new stuff:

  • 2 navigation styles
  • 3 post link styles
  • 3 different borders to choose from
  • post shadow
  • custom post image opacity
  • option whether or not u want that little line in the middle of ur sidebar
  • sidebar is also a bit wider so that the titles of the links can be longer
  • custom post font and size


  • when you go to select a border, link, or navigation style, make sure you only have one selected!!
  • thas it

hhhH i know this theme is lame but i truly hope you all like it! and, as usual, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns or anything

thank you!

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code, features and preview under cut

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